Here are just a few of the awesome Sales Convention posts, tweets, blog snippets and quotes out there…

“A sales convention is one of the best investments an agent can make toward growing my business.”

“Our agents had an outstanding year and are to be applauded for their accomplishments.”

“Training is crucial to starting and succeeding in your real estate business.”

“We were so proud to be acknowledged as one of the leading affiliates in our real estate network!”

“During the sales convention this year, we had the opportunity to learn more about how the brand continues to grow, and engages with customers and real estate agents.”

“I was honored to be at the convention in March and to learn of my national rankings and entry into the Top Ten Club. After twenty years and over $1 billion in total sales, my goals are realistic: relying on innovation in a rapidly changing business, which results in new opportunities to explore.”

“These recognitions show our teams and their clients that no matter what the markets look like, we are a tenacious and effective advocate for our clients.”

“Seeing old friends & making new ones at Sales Convention is great!”

“Attendees left with the message that the sky’s the limit when it comes to your future with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.”

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